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ALTA Performance 19mm Rear 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar For R55,R56,R57,R58,R59 - Tuned Motoring
ALTA Performance 19mm Rear 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar For R55,R56,R57,R58,R59 - Tuned Motoring
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ALTA Performance 19mm Rear 3-Way Adjustable Sway Bar For R55,R56,R57,R58,R59

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ALTA Performance 19mm Rear 3-way Adjustable Sway Bar For R55,R56,R57,R58,R59

After upgrading the puny OEM rear sway bar to an ALTA rear sway bar, you will immediately notice a reduction in body roll when cornering, allowing for more of the tire to grip the road.


ALTA Sway Bars are made from solid steel using the latest precision bending equipment. The entire bar is powdercoated to fight corrosion and give it a deep red finish. We laser cut and MIG weld our bar ends for precise placement. This type of bar end far superior to many other methods and gives us greater precision over competitors. Some competitors simply smash the ends of their bars flat. This not only looks unattractive but also compromises the bar's integrity!


ALTA Rear Adjustable Sway Bars incorporate multiple endlink mounting holes which allow the installer to custom tailor your driving experience. ALTA Sway Bars increase stiffness by a minimum of 100% over the stock bar. By adjusting the endlink mounting position you can increase that stiffness to as much at 400% over stock. *varies by model.

Centering Rings

ALTA Sway Bars feature centering rings that prevent sway bar movement in hard cornering. This keeps your sway bar centered and ready for the next corner.


All sway bars include polyurethane bushings for a crisp response and better turn in. Special pockets are carved into the bushing surfaces to capture grease and extends the interval between re-greasing.

19mm or 22mm

ALTA Performance sway bars come in two different sizes. 19mm and 22mm. Driving enthusiast will enjoy the feel of a 19mm bar while true racers will like the rigidity of the 22mm. The softest setting on the 22mm is reflective of the stiffest setting on the 19mm bar.

Hollow vs Solid Bar

Competitive manufacturers of hollow bars will attempt to argue that the weight reduction they offer is a huge advantage over solid bars and is worth the significant price increase. Realistically, for a daily driver the difference in weight is unnoticeable. The difference between most aftermarket sway bars, hollow and solid, is only 2 lbs!

Welded or Smashed Bar Ends

ALTA uses a precision laser to cut the multi-point sway bar ends from plate steel. Using a jig, they weld them onto their bars in the exact location for best articulation and leverage angles. Competitors who cheaply smash their bar ends in a press (same way the factory saves money) and simply drill holes for endlink mounts will try to convince consumers that laser cut steel and precision welding is somehow inferior and inexpensive. It just doesn't make sense.

5 Year Warranty

ALTA Performance warrants to the original purchaser, all ALTA products to be free from defects in material and workmanship within a sixty (60) months period from the date of purchase. *Some exclusions apply.

Off Road Use Only

This product is legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Check your local and federal laws prior to installation!


Bar & link mounting hole - Rate increase over stock / effective rate
OEM Stock Bar (17mm ): Baseline For Rate / Effective Rate =117 LBS/IN
ALTA 19mm Bar Setting #1: 115% Higher Rate / Effective Rate =135 LBS/IN
ALTA 19mm Bar Setting #2: 140% Higher Rate / Effective Rate =165 LBS/IN
ALTA 19mm Bar Setting #3: 177% Higher Rate / Effective Rate =208 LBS/IN

In The Box

(1) ALTA MINI Cooper Rear Sway Bar
(2) Bushings
(1) ALTA License Plate Frame

Fits the following MINI models

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S, JCW Hatchback 
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S, JCW Coupe 
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S, JCW Roadster