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Griot's Garage Black Shine Tire Gel - 16oz - Tuned Motoring
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Griot's Garage Black Shine Tire Gel - 16oz

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Deepen the color, dial-in the shine, and enhance the UV protection of your tires.

Black Shine High Gloss Tire Gel creates a darker, uniform color and adds a durable, glossy shine to your tires. We use thick, heavyweight polymers so this advanced gel provides smooth, even product application and then clings to the sidewall of the tire so it works for weeks. Our premium water-resistant formula beads water like a beaver pelt so Black Shine High Gloss Tire Gel will stand up to rain and car washes. Since it's a gel, there's no messy overspray and you have total control of gloss level so tires can be dressed with a sedate satin finish or a glossy show shine.


  • For best results shake well and apply to clean, dry tires.
  • Apply with a foam applicator pad.
  • Spread evenly across the face of the tire and allow to setup for 20 minutes before driving.
  • For satin finish wipe with a clean towel to knock down gloss.
NOTE: Not for use on interior components; bicycle or motorcycle tires. To eliminate potential for sling, wipe excess with a microfiber towel.